OfficeIRC Server

OfficeIRC Server 3™

Powerful and highly scalable exchange chat service supporting the latest security and chat protocols standards.


  • Complete rewrite in .NET 8 and 64-bit architecture

  • Multi-threaded command execution and automatic scaling

  • Supports RFC1459, RFC2812, IRCX and IRCv3 chat protocols

  • Server Linking Coming Soon

  • Supports both IPv4 & IPv6

  • Supports WebSocket chat connections

  • Built-in web server for remote management and web chat

  • Connection client rules

  • Customizable server operator groups

  • Supports up to TLS 1.3

  • CAPTCHA image generation

  • Identd lookup service

  • NTLM authentication

  • Advanced flood detection

  • IP address masking

  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) by Email, SMS and OTP

  • Connecting client software scanner

  • DNS blocklist (DNSBL)

  • GeoIP blocking

  • Port scanner with improved proxy detection

  • Advanced content filtering

  • Built-in channel registrations

  • Channel Aide (HalfOp) support

  • Built-in nickname registrations

  • Server-side block list, contact list & conversation history

  • Login authentication against an external database

  • News flash announcement service

  • Offline messaging service

  • Advanced transcript features

  • Dynamic DNS (DDNS) client

  • ACME client for use with Let's Encrypt™

  • Customizable server defined messages